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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's time to zap on back to the Karmanos Cancer Institute

I was always one of those guys who never got sick.
Honest to chicken noodle soup and a Blue Cross card, I did not even have a primary physician.
I always felt good. That, plus I always believed that once the hood went up, something would be wrong with the engine.
That is exactly what happened.
A visit to the emergency ward some 16 months or so ago became kidney cancer that had spread just a bit to the bones.
Subsequent peeks revealed a small spot in the lung and another in the brain.
But honest to orange juice, I still felt good.
It’s been quite a haul through the world of modern medicine since. I’ve had a tumor sliced from a kidney, another tumor zapped from my brain with something called a gamma knife, and generally had most of the other spots taken care of through chemotherapy.
A scan a week or so ago revealed another small spot in the brain. So it’s back for the gamma ray treatment at Karmanos Friday morning.
It is no big deal. They stick a metal frame on my head, line things up, and fire away. Fashionably speaking, it is look that Lady Gaga would appreciate.
It is also out-patient surgery. Worst case scenario is a night in the hospital. Other than ice on the four spots where they bolt the contraption to your head, there is no pain at all.
The doctors, nurses and staff at Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit are amazing. Modern medicine is a marvel. I still feel great, and hope to stay that way. I have a great family, an outstanding wife, a job I love and a prayer network that extends from my cubicle here at work to the right hand of God.
At least I am guessing God is right-handed.
I might be off for a couple of days later this week. I’ll try to keep in touch, though. If you need me during the day Friday, I’ll be down at Karmanos. Just look for the guy in the metal framed hat trying to stuff a turkey and cheese through the bars.
Or maybe something else will be on the lunch menu downtown.
Silence of the Lamb Chops? Eat your heart out, Anthony Hopkins. You, too, Lady Gaga.


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