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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An a'maizing story

Now I am hardly the smartest guy in the world.
Remember the Rubik’s Cube? To some, it was a fun puzzle that entailed turning the columns just so and putting the colors together. To me, it was an impossible task. Sort of like splitting the atom with a hammer and chisel.
I took the ACT exam. I barely made double digits. I did that test for artists you see in magazines. I was supposed to draw a dog and send it in.  My drawing was a mongrel. They rejected me.
So I am hardly at the top of the seating chart when it comes to smarts.
But getting lost in a corn maze? It’s time for a new movie: Dumb, Dumber and You've Got To Be Kidding Me!
But that is exactly what happened to a family in Massachusetts. Obviously they were not descendents of either Lewis or Clark.
Here’s the story from
A man used his cellphone to call from Connors Farm in Danvers at about 7 p.m. Tuesday after he, his wife and two children became lost in the maize maze, police said.
Police alerted farm management of the man's predicament, and a rescue, including a K-9, was organized.
K-9 officer Justin Ellenton said when he got to the entrance of the maze, he yelled and could hear people. The family was about 25 feet inside the maze.
The family was not hurt.
The maze, a tourist attraction that winds people down paths between towering cornstalks, generally takes about an hour to complete. The farm has created a maze in its cornfield for the last five years.
The owner of the farm said no one has ever gotten lost in the maze before, and offered the family free tickets.
Now I’m not sure if free tickets is the proper response. Tickets for what, the corn maze? Talk about anxiety wrapped up in consternation.


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