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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Please, support local music!

I love local music.
There’s just so much undiscovered talent out there.
Unless you’ve heard the group before, you walk into a bar or some other venue, and are greeted with a  wide variety of styles and abilities.
Some would make any self-respecting Josh Groban fan cringe. Others would be embraced by lovers of Iggy Pop.

The Hand In The Ocean (Photo by Megan Boltz)

It just all depends. There are rock bands. Or indie bands. Or folks groups. Or blues groups. Or other groups that defy definition.
They are all passionate and it is a real potpourri. Some are smooth as silk and others are sandpaper dragged across a screen door. It is great entertainment and you never know what will greet you as you walk through the door of places like P.J.’s Lager House in Corktown, Paychecks in Hamtramck, the Berkley Front or the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale.
Maybe you’ll see the Muggs at the Cadieux Café in Detroit. Or it could be Chef Chris and the Rumpshakers at Callahan’s in Auburn Hills. 60 Second Crush will be at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor in a couple of weeks. Amy Gore and the Valentines play at the Lager House Monday. The Hard Lessons just played the Pig & Whiskey festival in Ferndale. Immediately preceding them was Child Bite.
Still, as talented as many of the musicians are, it is tough for them to put even Hamburger Helper on the table. At most bars, cover charge is around five bucks. Depending upon the number of bands scheduled that night, that cover charge might be split three or four ways. Sometimes bands get paid well and sometimes gas money is not even covered.

Green Collar

Both of our sons are in bands. Our oldest, Kyle, is in a group called Green Collar. Our youngest, Jordan, plays in both The Hand in the Ocean and Jacques Rocque. Both kids, for obvious reasons, have other jobs.
But music is their true passion. I love my sons. Hence, I love local music. I’m sure my wife, Kim, and I will be listening to some music this weekend.
It won’t be Jimmy Buffet for $179 per ticket at Comerica Park, either. I'll be he hasn't eaten Hamburger Helper in years.


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