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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tooting my own horn

I played the trumpet for years.
That is about it.
There was nothing cool about it, either. In the 1970s, an era of electric guitars and girls fawning over unintelligible singers in constricting leopard skin pants, I was wearing wingtips, toting a brass instrument and playing Herb Alpert music.
The coolness factor was non-existent.
So maybe it is no surprise that I have two sons who are in bands. Kyle plays in Green Collar. Jordan’s current group is The Hand In the Ocean.
Both loiter a little on the softer side. The Hand In the Ocean is a folk group. That is a departure for Jordan, whose musical tastes have always run a little louder and edgier.
But he likes his bandmates. They are buddies and that is good.
Green Collar is Kyle’s first foray on stage. He has played the electric guitar for years now. Green Collar bills itself as an acoustic rock and jam band and plays regularly in the tri-county area.
So my two sons are cool. So are my two daughters, who aren’t in bands.
Dad is not cool. But that is cool, too. I love going to listen to their music.
There is not a trumpet anywhere in the mix.
Maybe it’s time I request A Taste of Honey. I’ll be the one leaping on stage with the horn in my hand.


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