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Friday, July 22, 2011

Richie Rich wears suits; he also wears shoulder pads

I can’t sidle up to the NFL owners.
Anyone with that much money makes me uncomfortable.
I’ve got a pal who is pretty well off. Lou says he “doesn’t do used.”
That means he has never bought a used car.
Well, I just went out and purchased a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with nearly 140,000 miles on its odometer.
I do used. My finances dictate it.
Detroit Lions’ owner William Clay Ford probably doesn’t do used, either.
But do you know what, I’m not sure many NFL players do used either. I have a tough time sidling up to them, too.
Players generally make a lot of money, too.
Not that they do not deserve it. The NFL is the only league where the contracts are not guaranteed. There is also a mighty short shelf life on careers. On average, they last about three years.
But who said football is a career? What is wrong with going out and getting another job once you yank the helmet off?
Go sell insurance. Go get a masters degree in business. Put your name on a resume and work a nine to five job. Join the real world; it is something you probably have never been a part of.
Elite athletes are treated differently. People fawn all over them. It is that way in high school and it is that way in college. If a guy makes the pros, it is that way multiplied by 10.
People buy them drinks. People buy them dinner. People throw themselves at athletes.
Athletes are spoiled. Owners are spoiled. Neither group is particularly likeable.
But the real world loves football. The NFL lockout should be ending any day now. That is good news for regular folks.
That means you and I. When's the last time anyone bought you a steak?


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