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Thursday, November 3, 2011

To have and to hold ...for 72 days anyway

A very brief moment of bliss between Kim Kardashian and Kris Hamphries.

Seventy two days.
That is how long the Kardashian-Humphries marriage lasted.
Now this might fall into the Too Much Information (TMI) category, but I have worn underwear longer than that.
Something smells about the entire situation; who can’t gut out a marriage for at least three months?
Marriage is all about compromises. Saying all right to seven-grain bread when you’d prefer Wonder Bread. Agreeing to a vacation in Maui when you would rather go to Cedar Point or Knott’s Berry Farm. Agreeing to a Chevy Aveo when you want to be behind the wheel of a Silverado 1500.
There are other things, too, like letting the 85-pound Labrador sleep on your side of the bed; eating tofu when you would much rather have a sirloin steak; and being nice to your mother-in-law who looks at you like you are road kill.
So how can things get so inflexible in just 72 days? Once again, this might fall into the TMI category, but I’ve gone that long between flossings.
All right, let’s put a smile on our faces and figure out who is going to win in the district championship games.


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