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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Veggie Tale: Prince Fielder does not eat meat

Prince Fielder is a vegan.
I swear on a stack of tofu that is true.
That means he does not eat animal products. No meat. No dairy. No beef jerky. No pig snouts or tails.
So much for my preconceived notion of vegans and what they look like.
I picture someone who is Iggy Pop thin. I picture a vegan munching on sprouts and berries at the Inn Season restaurant in Royal Oak.
I don't picture Prince Fielder.
I mean, Prince is a big guy. He's a guy who probably could afford to lose a few pounds. Don't get me wrong; he's a fantastic baseball player. The guy can club a ball like few others. He is an outstanding addition for the Tigers.
But a vegan?
That is a whole lot of vegetables. What is he eating; an acre of corn a week? A bushel of oats per sitting?
All right, enough of those corny jokes. We are all very glad you’re with the Tigers, Prince.
Let’s go grab a Boca Burger sometime.


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