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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

The circle of life.
It’s not just something from the Disney flick, The Lion King.
Animation takes on reality, but that is still a tough concept for a youngster to grasp.
Kyle’s grandpa died the morning of December 24th. Norm had suffered a serious heart attack while golfing in Arizona, and then a stroke during a catheterization procedure.
Norm was transferred to Sinai in Detroit. Complications ensued and when Kim and I came home from the hospital, we had to tell Kyle and his sister, Brittany, the sad news.
“No, no!” said Kyle, as he tore through the gifts under the tree. “I have to give Grandpa the golf balls I bought him for Christmas.”
Sobbing, he grabbed the half-dozen Titleists he had carefully wrapped and clutched them tightly.
It was heart-wrenching.

The circle of life.
It is not just King Mufasa, Simba and Uncle Scar.
The doctor looked at my wife, Kim, and I solemnly.
A pre-natal ultrasound indicated the distinct possibility that our fourth child could have birth defects. There were factors including an increase in the skin behind the neck which can be an indicator for Down syndrome.
An amniocentesis was offered, but we decided against it. The baby was ours and would be loved regardless.
Believe me, we shed plenty of tears. We spent a lot of time in fervent prayer.
Jordan arrived in perfect condition.

The circle of life.
It is not just Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa.
There was grandpa in the hospital bed in the sun room.
Jordan, who is 20 now, was just three years old. He could barely see over the railing on the bed, so I hefted him up and he settled in with grandpa.
My dad had been stricken with colorectal cancer five years earlier. He had some pretty good years subsequent to that, but the fight was nearing an end. The doctors said there wasn’t anything more they could do.
Dad came home under hospice care and about shortly before Christmas, he took his last breath.
Only one night earlier, we had watched Chevy Chase’s “Christmas Vacation” and everyone had a good laugh. The search for a perfect Christmas tree was one we all could relate to.
As kids, we had embarked on that search annually. Somehow, the trees never passed mom’s rigorous inspections.

The circle of life
It’s not just music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice.
Jose Mae was born in September.
She is our first grandchild. She is as cute as a Cabbage Patch Kid. A full head of dark hair. Eyes that match the hair. More expressions than a Picasso painting. Lately, she has begun to verbalize. She is certainly no wallflower.
She’s a gift from God and that means no other presents are needed. No new sweater vests. No movie passes. No sweat socks or thermal underwear. Not even the obligatory Kid Rock CD.
I miss Norm. I miss my dad. But I love Jordan and all of our kids. I love Josie Mae, our first grandchild.
The circle of life continues. Have a very prosperous 2012 everybody.


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