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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Drop the gun, Mac!

I’m not a detective and I do not play one on television.
I’m just a sportswriter trying to figure out how this idiotic criminal enterprise was supposed to work.
Royal Oak police say a woman in her 20s with long brown hair placed an order at the drive-thru speaker of a McDonalds restaurant on Woodward Avenue. When she pulled her vehicle up to the window to pay she pointed a black handgun at the cashier and demanded all of the money.
The cashier simply left the window and the suspect fled the area in a red sport utility vehicle. She did not get any money or presumably, food.

You talk about a small fry in the world of crooks. Who was the big cheese of this operation anyway? Maybe she was strung out on Coke.
“It’s kind of unique. We don’t see a lot of attempted robberies at drive-thru windows,” Royal Oak Police Lt. Thomas Goad told Mike McConnell of the Daily Tribune.
Gosh, I wonder why? Especially when all the alleged victim has to do is step away from the window. The crook is outside. The employees and the cash are all safely inside.
Even McDonald’s own McBurglar knows enough to get inside the fast food joint before he starts pocketing grub.
Anyone with information is asked to call Royal Oak Police at 248.246.3500. Presumably, the search will not begin at a Mensa Society gathering or at a high school’s National Honor Society meeting.


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