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Monday, November 5, 2012

Poll dancing

The election is finally here.
Thank goodness.
That means I will not have Sarah Palin calling the house any longer.
Well, at least not for another 3 ½ years when it is time for democracy to begin its robo dialing ways again.
I will not be hearing from Bill Clinton for a while, either.
Or any of the other Democrats, Republicans, etc. who have been calling all day long for a month or more.
As if the incessant phone calls are not bad enough, what about the televised campaign advertisements?
At least one judicial candidate allows rapists, murderers and all sorts of dangerous droolers out of jail without a second thought.
A ballot proposal or two would cause the state irreparable harm, give away about 13 million jobs, cost a zillion and a half dollars and probably result in the neutering of all dogs, cats, ferrets as well as Bob Barker himself.
Think about all the money that has gone up in smoke. Think about all the good it could have done elsewhere. If this is the democracy of Thomas Jefferson, let’s turn Mount Vernon into a strip mall complete with a tanning parlor, a place that does manicures and pedicures, and a Thai restaurant.
They’ve been droning on the radio. They have been stuffing the mailbox. They’ve been driving everybody nuts in all sorts of ways.
Give me Obama. Give me Romney. Better yet, just give me some peace and quiet.


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