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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Go on, Suh him

The Suh Stomp is not a popular dance move with NFL commissioner Roger Goddell. Detroit's Ndamukong Suh is appealing his two-game suspension.

Nobody much cared what happened with the Lions through 50 years and more of 100 percent non-pasteurized ineptitude.
If there was any stomping being done in Rod Marinelli’s 0-16 swan song as a head coach, the cleat marks were on the Lions.
For that matter, when the team from Detroit went 2-14 in Jim Schwartz’s inaugural season in 2009, commissioner Roger Goodell probably would not have said anything if Dick “The Bruiser” was putting members of the Lions’ team in headlocks every other play or George “The Animal” Steele was chewing off their jerseys and waggling his green tongue in their direction.
For that matter, even if the Lions had trotted out 11 real lions from the Detroit Zoo onto the field in, say, Darryl Rogers’ 4-12 1988 season, nobody other than Jack Hannah and the concerned folks from PETA would have even raised an eyebrow.
A losing team gathers no moss or notice. Who said that first, Plato or William Clay Ford?
But the Lions are improving. They won their first five games this season and all of a sudden the perpetually woeful were bordering on wonderful. Fans in Detroit and beyond were getting an eyeful of some pretty decent football.
But something indecent has happened along the way. The Lions have been struggling lately and Ndamukong Suh, who took the NFL by storm with his phenomenal All-Pro rookie season, has seemingly veered out of control.
He has been fined three times and committed nine personal foul penalties in less than two seasons.
His most recent infraction came on Thanksgiving Day when he stomped on the arm of Green Bay offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith. Suh was booted from the game, and has been suspended for two games without pay.
His appeal of the suspension was promptly stomped by the NFL. The two-game ban holds.
Now I know football is a physical game. There’s plenty of stuff that goes on during the course of a game that would make any self-respecting Roman gladiator cringe.
The NFL is populated with by huge men with malicious intent. Every hut, hut precedes pure mayhem.
But the whistle had blown on Thanksgiving day. Still, Suh stomped on an opponent’s arm. The NFL seems intent on blowing the whistle on Suh’s increasingly questionable play.


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