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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Super (Big) Bowl (Of Chili)

I’m a huge Super Bowl fan.
Emphasis on huge.
To me, Super Bowl Sunday is only a couple of pounds worth of stuffing shy of Thanksgiving in terms of gluttony.
While the fare is different, it is no less copious.
I’ve already told my wife to have the defibrillator on standby. That, plus put a bowl of nitroglycerine capsules right next to the XXL bowl of M&Ms and the massive jar of Twizzlers.
Yeah, it is going to be that kind of night.
I’ve already got my autograph on an entire tray of pulled pork. I’m going to swing by the beef jerky store Saturday so I’ll be ready before kickoff. Doctor, is there a vegan in the house?
I was talking to a woman who works for Garden Fresh in Ferndale just yesterday. She is not part of the salsa group; she works with the dips. I could not have been more excited. I told her I did not even know Garden Fresh made dips. Knowing how tremendous their salsa is, I asked her for some advice. She told me to be sure and try the Artichoke Spinach 4 Cheese Dip and the Chipotle Dip. I nearly sprinted out of the gymnasium and headed straight to the store.
There’s a vat of my wife’s delicious chili in the fridge already.
If you’re not doing anything on Sunday, stop on by. It is B.Y.O.G., though. That’s Bring Your Own Gluttony.
Tom Brady, Eli Manning and playing Taps for Hostess Twinkies.
I sure hope there’s a television in the emergency room.


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