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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This kayak is a different type of travel site

I went kayaking today.
Nothing too impressive; I was not running any whitewater. Instead, I was at Stony Creek Metropark near Rochester. I was using the kayak purchased as a Father’s Day gift.
Nope, that is not me. It's a picture of a stranger I found on the internet. Pretty impressive fish, huh?
That was Father’s Day 2011. I loved the gift, but it did not come with a paddle. The paddle came as a Christmas gift.
But there was no roof rack to transport the kayak and my aging subcompact did not have the room to carry it inside the vehicle.
So I waited things out. The roof rack came for Father’s Day 2012. I knew I’d get it eventually on the water.
So I went out and we got acclimated today. There’s something so placid and natural about a kayak moving on the water.
What I really want to do is go fishing in the kayak. I figure I can get to all of those beckoning spots that you cannot access in a bigger boat or even from shore.  Slide through the lily pads. Slink past the cat tails.
I used to fish a lot as a kid. We would go every day in the summer. Breakfast meant doughnuts and coffee on the water.
That is the kind of breakfast I am really looking forward to these days. Doughnuts, coffee and bass. Only the largemouth will be going back into the water. I don’t like to eat fish anyway. Especially not with a glazed cruller.


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