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Monday, November 12, 2012

A thank you note to our government

I’m not sure when government started getting a bad rap. It was long before Obama was re-elected, though.
Believe me, I know some politicians are incompetent boobs, and we’re not talking botched cosmetic surgery.
But my experience has been that there are incompetent boobs working in both the public and private sectors.

But are you still sputtering about how the government is just worthless?
So when was the last time you planned a picnic or a motorcycle trip without the National Weather Service’s input? How about that round of golf at the country club?  
What about our highway system? Try driving from here to Florida strictly on the back roads. Good luck navigating through Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. I hope you took all three of your vacation weeks for the drive alone.
Don’t like the Food and Drug Administration? Go on and buy all your pharmaceuticals from that guy who sells them out the trunk of his car. Make sure you get the gallon-size bottle of snake oil. Also, how was the steak that smelled like road kill taste?
So someone’s breaking into your house. Call a security guard who makes minimum wage. Didn’t we just honor our veterans? But if you do not like the government, then you do not like the military. Whether you agree with its use at times, it is certainly nice to have all that might on our side, isn’t it?
Ask your elderly mom how she feels about Medicare. Ask your retired dad how he would be without Social Security. So you would like to invest your own money instead? Go on and trust an unregulated Wall Street with your hard-earned cash and see what you have left come retirement age.
Sorry, I just had to rant. I’m a sports writer and I honestly do not know much more than diddly squat about our government.
P.S. There is one more thing I do know is that the government funds about 80 percent of basic science research in this country. That includes biomedical research into things like cancer and as a cancer patient myself, I know how far we’ve come in treating the disease.
For that alone, I thank the government. So do my wife, kids and grandkids.


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