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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why don't the bill collectors call Washington D.C.?

                                   Will a "For Sale" sign be on the front lawn of the White House soon?

I don’t get it.
I drive a 1997 car because I don’t have enough money to buy a new one.
I tote my dinner to work every night because I don’t have the money to eat out. There’s not sirloin in the lunch pail, either. It is more like bologna or tuna fish.
Our family vacations consist of going up north because that is all our budget allows. We stay with friends, because nothing is cheaper than freeloading.
So how come this country is facing national default?
You spend what you have. If you don’t have the money, you cannot afford it. That really is not too difficult a concept to grasp, is it?
I’m as dumb as a cinder block, but even I understand Economics 101.
Our politicians must be dumber than I am.
On Tuesday, President Barack Obama threatened to veto Republican emergency legislation to avert an unprecedented default as the clash over the U.S. debt deepened with a deadline only a week away.
The impasse extended beyond the long-standing battle over increasing the debt limit between Democrats and Republicans, as a conservative revolt within the Republican party threatened to sink Speaker John Boehner's efforts to line up enough votes for the measure to pass.
Majority Leader Harry Reid said the measure stood no chance of passing the Senate even if it clears the House. He pronounced it "dead on arrival."
Our country owes money because it spends more than it has. Don’t the bill collectors have the home phone numbers of our politicians?
They should call Barack, just like they call us. They should call Boehner, the same way they call us. Three or four times a day minimum. First thing in the morning. The last thing at night. Call until guts churn every time the phone rings. Most of us know that feeling.
Threaten to take their cars. Threaten to foreclose on their houses. That includes the White House. Threaten to turn the electricity off. Threaten to shut the water off.
Threaten to lay them off. It’s Economics 101, folks. You spend what you have.
All right, enough of that. I am going to eat dinner now. I have a can of baked beans, some pretzels and an apple. If I can gather some change, I might even have some Swedish Fish for dessert.
Why don’t our representatives try that menu for awhile?


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