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Friday, December 2, 2011

George "The Animal" Steele has the write stuff

Somebody call the zookeeper! A wild animal has gotten loose. George "The Animal" Steele is collaborating with Jim Evans on a book about his amazing life.

Jim Myers was born with dyslexia.
Put in Judge Judy's terms, it has been a life sentence.
It has never been easy. When Myers was growing up in Madison Heights, a suburb of Detroit, the line of delineation in a classroom was simple; a kid was either smart or stupid.
That was the end of the discussion.
Let’s just say that Myers was not looked on as a future member of the National Honor Society.
While hardly stupid, dyslexia made things difficult. The alphabet might as well been hieroglyphics to him. He did poorly in school. He channeled his frustration into athletics. He was a ferocious high school football player, a basketball player to be reckoned with, and was a member of the track and field team at Madison High School.
Despite his challenges, he graduated from Michigan State University.
He returned to Madison Heights and began a long and outstanding career as a teacher and a coach.
Along the way, he became a professional wrestler and was known as George “The Animal” Steele. Even though Jim had a masters degree, he was portrayed as a monosyllabic, drooling dolt in the ring.
He became one Vince McMahon Jr.'s most popular wrestlers.
At the height of that popularity, another battle suddenly loomed. Crohn’s Disease nearly killed him. They even blew Taps a couple of times in Myers’ direction, but he did not pay heed. Either did He.
Myers found God or was it vice versa? Jim and his wife, Pat, are alive and well and living in Florida.
Jim and I are going to collaborate on a book. I cannot wait to get started. I am actually drooling.


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