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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Of disappearing girlfriends and Manti Te'o

I’ve had girlfriends disappear on me, too.
Those whose alleged love lasted just about as long as it took for them to get the password of my debit card.
Then they disappeared quicker than a fleeting thought.
Those were not exactly Hallmark card moments.

But Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o has done me one better. He had a girlfriend he never even met who never even existed who somehow died.
Is Dog The Bounty Hunter available to track down this bizarre story? How about the Ghostbusters?
Manti Te’o had supposedly never met the very alleged Lennay Kekua. They enjoyed an online relationship only that ended when she supposedly died of cancer in September.
It was a widely reported tale, and her so-called death occurred in the same week that his actual grandmother died. Now, it seems, he never met her, and she never even existed. Manti Te’o claims to have been duped by his very alleged buddy, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.
No offense, but it is still difficult to believe he could have become so attached to a phantom. Manti Te’o is either incredibly gullible, undeniably dense, or a combination plate serving both in heaping portions. The unfathomable story might even cost him millions if it causes his stock in the upcoming NFL draft to plummet.
All and all, I’d rather just change the password of my debit card.


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