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Friday, January 4, 2013

TMZ: My guilty pleasure

I found myself watching TMZ earlier today.
If you have not seen the television show, it is basically a collage of entertainment news. There are certainly some staples. Most every day, there is a large dose of Kardashian. Also, the perpetually pregnant Jessica Simpson seems to elbow her way onto the screen on a very regular basis.
Harvey Levin is the man behind TMZ. If you do not know who he  is, think People’s Court. Levin is the lawyer asking the teeming masses for their opinion on the ongoing case.
TMZ sends out cameras all over LA and asks celebrities questions. Nothing about the fiscal cliff or global warming, but this is not Meet the Press. It is more like a fleeting 15 seconds of Justin Bieber before he hops into his expensive sports car and roars away. Sometimes the celebrities even answer. 
TMZ is fun in a voyeuristic sense. Generally, I could not care any less about any of the Kardashians. I feel the same way about Bruce Jenner. He stopped being part of my focus when he walked away from a Wheaties box straight to a plastic surgeon and came home with an expression of perpetual amazement, looking like a cross between Kenny Rogers and Carrot Top.
Don’t forget Honey Boo Boo, Sofia Vergara and David Spade. All three and many more are regularly parts of the TMZ collage.
I am not particularly proud of myself. I could spend my time doing more valuable things like reading, writing or eating Milk Duds.
TMZ is my guilty pleasure.


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