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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have you hugged a teacher today?

I’m tired of politicians bashing teachers.
I adore what teachers do.
Politicians, well, I might adore what they do if I could figure out what exactly that is.
Few people have been more important in my life and the lives of my kids than teachers.
From kindergarten through college, they have provided direction. From crayons to laptops, they have provided education. They have been there from graham crackers to Alexander Graham Bell; from naps to Napoleon at Waterloo.
So what if teachers are paid fairly well?
Who deserves it more?
Who bears more responsibility in life? They take our kids and mold them. From the ABCs to bachelor and masters degrees.
So all of our kids are not Mensa members; is that a teacher’s fault?
When do we as parents take any responsibility? Moms who sit their kids in front of the television set all day long. Dads who might play video games with their kids, but never think to pick up a book and read to them.
We’ve raised a generation that knows Super Mario but not Stephen Crane; that embraces Facebook but not chapter books.
But the politicians – now there is a bunch of high achievers – are after teachers. They say teachers get paid too much. They want to reduce their income. They want to take away their bargaining rights. They want to take away tenure. They want to reduce benefits, pensions, and self-esteem.
I can’t think of one politician who has meant squat to me in my life.
It wouldn’t take me 10 seconds to come up with 10 teachers who have been influential.
Fire the politicians. Hire more teachers.
The world would be a much better – and smarter - place.


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